Apple Versatile Buy

But not all developers will want to do that.

Apple announced that developers have the ability to combine versions of the same application for different operating systems into a single purchase, which is called a universal purchase.

That is, if a developer has some program available on two or more Apple operating systems, they can be combined into a single purchase in the AppStore - the user can only pay once and get all versions of the program at once. This works for all operating systems: iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS. One more nuance - you can add third-party applications to the common "package". In just one purchase can combine up to 10 programs.

It should be noted that not all developers will want to take advantage of this opportunity, as it means less income. All the more so because the Apple website says that after the merger a developer will not be able to "unpack" everything back or at least remove one version of the application from the list.

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