Apple makes more money on watches than Rolex

If the Apple Watch continues to grow at the same pace as in the past two years, in 2023 it will sell more watches than the entire Swiss industry combined.

On Instagram of American stars, luxury Swiss watch brands look great. World pop star Justin Bieber recently praised Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak watch, which he bought as a wedding present for at least $ 50,000. Another celebrity and music entrepreneur, Jay-Z, appeared with a Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime wrist masterpiece worth $ 2 million. The Swiss watch industry still lives in the belief that their watches are still desired objects by which the richest and most famous seek to emphasize their social and material status. And so it will be, but, most likely, on a smaller scale. Because the classic Swiss watches have already begun to lose smart, and the Apple Watch, which debuted in 2015, only last year earned on its watches about two times more than Rolex, the most popular Swiss manufacturer. If Apple watch sales grow at the same pace as they are now, more watches will be sold as early as 2023 than all of Switzerland combined.

The Swiss newspaper Handelszeitung has looked at the domestic watch market and does not hide concerns about its condition. She even puts forward a bold thesis that the Swiss watch industry is close to losing in the fight for the wrist with smart watches. First of all, with Apple. A company from Cupertino is able to independently displace the entire segment of Swiss watches from a niche and even doom it to death.

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