Apple is preparing its first full-size wireless headphones

With just one model, Apple has become the market leader in wireless headphones. Last year, the company released AirPods Pro to consolidate its position.

Apparently, the company will soon launch its first full-size wireless headphones on the market. Rumors about this have already appeared on the Web, and the first appeared a couple of years ago, but now a direct indication of the output of such a device has been found directly in the iOS 14 code.

There were discovered two icons depicting full-size headphones. It’s impossible to evaluate any design details by the icons, but in general, it’s quite possible to understand how the headphones will look.

As for the capabilities of these headphones, it is logical to expect from them the same basic functions that are implemented in AirPods and AirPods Pro. In particular, an automatic pause in the case when the user removes the headphones, active noise reduction, transparency mode and more. Such headphones will obviously cost a lot.

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