Apple continues its work on AirPower

Front Page Tech's YouTube author John Prosser wrote on personal Twitter that Apple has resumed work on its AirPower wireless charging station. It was introduced in 2017, but last year the company announced the cancellation of the project in 2019.

As John Prosser writes, engineers are trying to reposition the inductive charging coils to avoid problems with overheating the device. Sources have reported that it was the unresolved overheating issue that caused the AirPower project to close.

The main advantage of AirPower was the simultaneous charging of three devices: iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch. This required the placement of multiple tightly packed coils, which caused interference between them, reduced charging efficiency and the generation of excessive heat.

None of the current internal prototypes of AirPower is capable of charging the Apple Watch, and the company intends to achieve full functionality before the presentation. Engineers are testing natural skin as an AirPower shell to improve heat dissipation.

It's possible that Apple will eventually abandon the device again, says John Prosser.

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