Apple closes stores around the world. WWDC 2020 moved to the Internet

Yesterday it became known about the transfer of the WWDC 2020 conference to the Internet. The online broadcast will be used for all kinds of presentations, as well as for thematic sessions. The company also decided to close salons around the world. An exception is China, where the number of infected is declining.

The Apple WWDC 2020 Conference will be fully broadcast online. So this applies not only to consumers, but also to developers and representatives of the press usually participating in the event. All details about the broadcast will be available soon.

The event, online only, will be replete with presentations of the new iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS, although the company will not be limited to just the topics listed. The giant from Cupertino, in support of local organizations from San Jose, which will lose revenue due to the abolition of WWDC 2020, will donate up to $ 1 million.

The giant from Cupertino also said that until March 27, inclusive, all Apple stores in the world will be closed. The exception is salons located in China. Why? According to Tim Cook, the number of cases in the middle state is decreasing, which is enough to temporarily refrain from such steps.

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