Apple and Google are trying to stop the spread of false information about the coronavirus

According to foreign media reports, in order to stop the spread of false information, Apple began to tightly control applications that are somehow related to the coronavirus.

Apple said COVID-19 coronavirus-related applications could be published by the World Health Organization (WHO) or government agencies. Many creators of such applications have been denied their appearance on the App Store, as they only "combine publicly available information from reputable sources such as the World Health Organization." App Store editors carefully analyze such applications to see if the developer is associated with a trusted organization.

In addition, it became known that the Google Play store has also introduced restrictions on applications that "use the themes of coronavirus, natural disasters, tragic events and other incidents, but do not have obvious benefits for users."

A search for “coronavirus” or “COVID-19” on Google Play will not return any results, which is Google’s new move to prevent the spread of false information. Coronavirus: Stay informed application has been released on Google Play, which contains operational information from verified sources.

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