Apple A14 Bionic chip from iPhone 12 turned out to be more powerful than Snapdragon 865

American company Apple this year will release a new flagship smartphone iPhone 12, which will run on the processor Apple A14 Bionic. The chip of the future bestseller was lit in the benchmark, where it showed incredible performance results.

This year, a serious turning point will occur in the mobile processor market, because flagship solutions will switch to a new, 5-nm process. Reducing the process technology allows you to place more transistors on the chip, which will lead to a large jump in performance. In addition, due to the smaller process technology increases the energy efficiency of the processor.

According to the results of the GeekBench benchmark, the upcoming Apple A14 Bionic will be six-core. Its clock frequency will be 3090 MHz, which also makes it a champion among smartphone solutions. In a single-core test, the processor scored 1658 points, and in a multi-core test - 4612 points. The result is noticeably superior to the Apple A13 Bionic from the iPhone 11, which scores 1329 and 3468 points, respectively. But it is worth noting that the A14 Bionic is still under development, and its beta version was tested. Therefore, we can safely expect that the final results will be much higher.

Also, Apple A14 Bionic overtakes the main processor of this year for Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Android smartphones, which scores 930 and 3445 points in the benchmark, respectively, slightly inferior even to A13 Bionic. As we can see, in single-core mode, the processor for Android is noticeably weaker than Apple's solutions, however, it equalizes the result in multi-core mode due to a larger number of cores.

ARM processors for Apple are made by the Taiwanese company TSMC, which last year invested $ 25 billion in the development of the 5-nm process technology. Mass production of the Apple A14 Bionic will begin in April.

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