Android Robot for Radioactive Waste Disposal Successfully Tested

Preliminary tests of a humanoid robot designed to work with radioactive waste were conducted by the Android Technology NGO, TASS reports March 22.

The company said that the tests were carried out in January. Currently, work is underway with the comments made by the customer during the tests.

It is planned to use the new robot in radioactive canyons to work with low-level waste. This, for example, paper, wood, glass from laboratory test tubes. Android will be able to sort, process and burn radioactive waste.

The robot will be controlled through the technology of remote transmission of movements from an operator dressed in a special master suit. The robot itself will be hung on the boom and connected to the network via wires.

It is noted that this project is in many ways similar to another project of the company - the Fedor robot, tested on the ISS.

The further development of the project, according to the developers, will go in two directions - improving the algorithms of artificial intelligence and improving the component base with the maximum transition to components of own production.

Recall NPO Android Technology has existed since 2009. During this time, the company has developed more than 50 robotic systems and complexes for various purposes. Some products are mass-produced.

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