An indestructible tire capable of changing its properties

One tire, special structures that change the properties of the tread, and heavy-duty materials, created like a web. We find all these solutions in the latest concept from the Goodyear brand.

Goodyear involves the creation of a single universal car tire capable of complete, automatic regeneration and adaptation to these conditions on the road.

To do this, he uses special replaceable capsules containing a mixture of body fluids. This substance, coming through microscopic tubes into the interior of the structure, must be able to regenerate the tread shape and even change it depending on climatic conditions. In addition, there is also the opportunity to create a structure specifically programmed for the predisposition and driving style of the driver.

The above mixture should be made of biological material and further reinforced with material modeled on a web. Thus, it will preserve biodegradable properties and, in addition, ensure durability above average.

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