AMD processors also found a new vulnerability

Two days ago, we learned that the most dangerous vulnerability was discovered in Intel processors due to an error in the write-once memory area (ROM) of the Intel Converged Security and Management Engine (CSME) subsystem. It affects all modern Intel CPUs except the Ice Lake generation, and cannot be fixed.

And two days later, information appeared about a new vulnerability in AMD processors. It was discovered by specialists from the Graz University of Technology. More precisely, they successfully implemented two types of attacks: Collide + Probe and Load + Reload. The common name for the attack method is Take A Way. They allow you to extract data from AMD processors, manipulating the mechanism for predicting the channels of the cache of the first level. Vulnerabilities are affected by all modern AMD CPUs, starting with the Bulldozer generation. It is also interesting that the attack technique is very similar to the one that exploits the Specter vulnerability in Intel processors.

AMD has already responded to the situation, saying that it believes that the detected attack options are not new. Unfortunately, AMD for some reason decided not to provide clear explanations, but we can assume that the company has in mind the fact that new vulnerabilities are associated with some old ones that have already been fixed.

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