All Lotus Evija electric cars planned to be manufactured this year are already sold out

Lotus is preparing to start mass production of the Evija electric car introduced last summer. The assembly will begin this summer, and all Lotus Evija electric cars that are planned to be manufactured this year are already sold out. In total 130 cars will be produced. How many of them are planned to be collected this year is unknown.

The length of the electric car is 4.59 m, the width is 2.0 m, the height is 1.12 m. It is expected that Lotus Evija will become the most powerful serial electric car in the world. From 0 to 100 km / h, Evija accelerates in less than 3 s, and the maximum speed is 320 km / h. Each instance will be assembled manually. The assembly of machines will be established in the UK, in the former Lotus Engineering building. Nearby is the Lotus Hethel testing ground, where electric vehicle tests are already underway. Recall now the legendary British brand belongs to the Chinese company Geely.

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