Activists Build Minecraft Uncensored Library Free in Minecraft

BlockWorks, a team of artists and designers, has built the Minecraft global digital library, The Uncensored Library (Uncensored Library), in Minecraft. Its opening took place on March 12, World Cyber ​​Censorship Day, and this is not just a large-scale gaming object, but a real-life repository of forbidden information. Members of the organization Reporters Without Borders and other independent media are responsible for its filling.

The idea is simple and elegant - although in some countries cyber censorship exists in one form or another, access to the online game Minecraft is not blocked anywhere. This means that this is a chance to use the game as a platform for posting information, publications, news and analytics that users of certain states cannot read in the usual way. And, unlike illegal forums, here this process is ennobled and romanticized.

In particular, each country has its own separate room with a thematic design, but this is not about the ornament on the walls. For Mexico, for example, it is a cemetery with the graves of journalists, human rights activists and victims of drug cartels trying to reveal their activities. And in the middle of the hall of Saudi Arabia there is a large cell, as a symbol of a complete ban on free journalism at the state level.

To visit the Library without censorship, you need the Java version of Minecraft 1.14.4. She herself is located at visit.uncensoredlibrary.com. The organizers hope that in this format the library will be able to interest readers and become a real alternative to the disinformation programs that the authorities of some countries consistently hold for their citizens.

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