A new vaccine for senile dementia will be sent for clinical trials

American and Australian scientists have joined forces to find a means of preventing neurodegeneration caused by the accumulation of amyloid and tau proteins in the human brain. Studies by the Institute of Molecular Medicine and the University of California at Irvine have proven that this phenomenon is one of the main causes of Alzheimer's disease. And to prevent it, you need to slow down the growth of harmful proteins.

Both amyloids and tau proteins have been sufficiently studied; the search for drugs that would reduce their concentration has been ongoing for a long time. This is not to say that it was unsuccessful, but before that it did not give the desired result - preventing neurodegeneration. As a result, after failures with individual drugs, the idea arose of creating a combined remedy for simultaneously attacking both types of proteins.

Based on two vaccines called AV-1959R and AV-1980R, a combination of which was called "Advax". Advax was developed by Nikolai Petrovsky, a scientist from the Australian University of Flinders, as a universal tool. It drastically reduces the amount of amyloid and tau proteins in the human body, and this effect can be triggered at any stage.

As Petrovsky himself notes, experiments on mice showed that the use of Advax as a prophylactic means virtually eliminates the accumulation of dangerous proteins and significantly reduces the risk of neurodegeneration. If animals already have an excess of proteins, Advax allows you to quickly get rid of them. Petrovsky believes that the new decade will bring a breakthrough in this direction, and the first experimental vaccines will begin to be tested on people in a few years.

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