A brand new unique MacBook without Intel processors may come out later this year

Just a couple of weeks ago, referring to a statement by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, we talked about the fact that the first Apple PC with an ARM processor of its own design by the Cupertians will come out sometime in the first half of next year.

 However, Kuo already has slightly different data. Now the analyst claims that, firstly, the laptop will be the first such PC, and secondly, such a device can exit at the end of this year, although in general Kuo also speaks of the possibility of an exit in the first quarter of next year.

Unfortunately, there is no clarification as to what kind of model this will be. We can assume that this will be the new MacBook Air, as it is now equipped with far from the most productive processor. In addition, it is unclear whether Apple will be able to create its own ARM processors in the coming years, which can replace the top-end mobile Core i7 and Core i9 in the MacBook Pro.

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