69 new cases of COVID-19 infection confirmed in Denmark

The number of new coronaviruses infected in Denmark increased by 69 people on March 22.

The growth in the number of patients with coronavirus over the last day - from March 21 to March 22 - amounted to 69 people. The total number of infected with dangerous viruses in Denmark, according to the latest data, is 1395 people. Of these, 232 patients are in the hospital, with 46 patients being treated in intensive care units.

Since the start of the epidemic in the country, 13 people have died from diseases caused by coronavirus. Testing on coronaviruses was 12351 people who could be only people, or it was proved the presence of disease.

This could be a much more official figure. It is predicted that the disease will cover up to 580 thousand inhabitants of the country.

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