20 amazing facts about water that you did not know

A person cannot live without water for more than a week. Nevertheless, he continues to do everything to make it smaller on Earth:

  • Scientists suggest that water appeared on Earth from space. Comets rich in ice collided with our planet and left their “wet trail” on it. This phenomenon is called cometary bombardment.
  • On Earth, about 1.5 billion km3 of water. This is approximately 800 trillion Olympic pools.
  • If all this water is evenly distributed on the surface of the Earth, then its depth will be equal to 3700 m.
  • 97% of the water on Earth is salty.
  • Polar glaciers contain 2.1% of all water on Earth.
  • Water is the second most common molecule in the universe after hydrogen.
  • The largest cloud of water vapor was discovered by NASA scientists next to a black hole 12 billion light-years from Earth. It contains 140 trillion times more water than in the oceans.
  • Antarctica has been covered in ice for more than 30 million years.
  • The human body weighs 70 kg contains 42 liters of water. This value changes throughout life. The human fetus consists of water by approximately 95%, a newborn child by 77%, and an adult by 60–70%.
  •  Each person drinks about 1 cubic meter (1000 l) of water per year.
  • Unlike other liquids, water expands upon freezing. This is crucial for life: lakes and rivers freeze from top to bottom, so even in severe ice ages, liquid water has always existed on Earth.
  • Hot water freezes faster than cold water. This phenomenon is called the Mpemba Effect, but no one knows why this happens.
  • To grow coffee beans, one cup of coffee requires 200 liters of water. For 1 kg of beef, 15,000 liters of water are consumed, for 2 pieces of bread - 100 liters, and for cheese for one sandwich - 65 liters.
  • Less than 1% of the water on earth is drinkable.
  • Up to 75 liters of water can “float” out of a dripping tap into a pipe per day.
  • More than 80% of wastewater is not recycled.
  • Today, about 400 million people live in regions where there is no regular access to drinking water.
  • ⅔ water used at home, we will use in the bathroom and toilet.
  • 25% of bottled water is drawn from ordinary plumbing.
  • Every day, the sun evaporates a trillion tons of water.

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