YouTube started banning cryptocurrency videos

Experts who actively cover the topic of cryptocurrencies on YouTube complained that their videos were ruthlessly deleted. “Distribution” already included 11 channels, including Altcoin Daily, Chico Crypto, The Cryptoverse, Crypto Tips, BTC Sessions and Chris Dunn.

According to Chris Dunn, at the moment, YouTube has blocked most of the videos on his channel. The reason for this is “harmful or dangerous content” and “sale of goods, the turnover of which is regulated by special laws”.

“We have been making videos for 10 years, we have more than 200 thousand subscribers and more than 7 million views. WTF, guys? ”, The expert wrote on his Twitter.

While YouTube representatives are silent, without giving any explanations, other participants of the cryptocurrency market are waiting for their bad hour. For example, trader and analyst Tony Weiss fears:

“Damn, my show is called Trading Bitcoin. I’m sure I’ll also be on this list. ”

Note that YouTube’s rules do not directly prohibit cryptocurrencies from being mentioned in commercials. But in the clause on prohibited goods, you can find words about “fake currency” - apparently digital money was equated to it.

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