The world's first hydrogen yacht for Bill Gates

Bill Gates' interest in green technologies will now be emphasized by one of the most flashy symbols of his wealth. Former CEO of Microsoft ordered the world's first Aqua hydrogen fuel cell superyacht designed by Sinot Yacht Design.

The ship, 370 feet long (about 112 meters) and valued at approximately $ 644 million, has all the attributes of luxury, including five decks, space for 14 guests in seven cabins and 31 crew members, and even a gym. But its main feature is the operation from two engines with a capacity of 1 MW each, the fuel for which comes from two 28-ton tanks with supercooled hydrogen (−253 ° C) protected by bulletproof glass and vacuum insulation.

Aqua even uses gel-fired bowls of fire to warm passengers on the upper deck instead of burning coal or firewood. The ship will not be too fast: the maximum speed reaches 17 knots (31 km / h, cruising speed - 18–22 km / h), but the maximum distance of 7000 km should be sufficient to travel across the ocean.

As a result, only ordinary water will be the exhaust of such a vessel. However, the ship is still not quite environmentally friendly. Since docking stations with hydrogen are relatively rare, Aqua will have a spare diesel engine to help the yacht get to the desired port. Aqua is not expected to go to sea until 2024.

Such a purchase is easy to criticize. Could the money spent go to finance electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles, the effect of which would be much more significant than from a single vessel intended for pleasure cruises? However, Bill Gates' investments like this are more likely to be symbolic support for zero-emission technology - in this case, as proof of the concept that ships do not have to burn carbon fuel to plow the oceans.

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