Tesla Struggles For Changes In European Law Regarding Truck Restrictions

Tesla is set to launch the first batch of its electric trucks this year. However, Tesla Semi is not easy to enter the transport market. This is a difficult and complex industry, and although there are not many electric competitors on the market, obtaining permission will not be easy. Company executives want to prepare the market and the law so that they give odds to carriers whose fleet is based on electric vehicles.

Corresponding measures have already been taken, employees of the American company visited representatives of the German government and talked with them about changing the law. We are talking about the rules regarding restrictions on the movement on truck roads.

Tesla has an interesting plan on how to use legal restrictions as an asset to promote its own electric truck. Tesla Semi is silent and has no emissions, according to the American company, therefore, no prohibitions on movement on the road should apply to it.

Tesla wants the ban on truck roads not to those that do not have emissions. If they do not smoke or make noise, then the movement of such vehicles should be carried out as part of the exception. According to the Americans, this will be a powerful incentive for a market whose electrification will budge at an incredible pace.

Unfortunately, it is not yet known how approvingly German politicians are inclined towards this proposal. If they accepted Tesla’s proposals, this would set a pretty important precedent that would allow and encourage change in other countries.

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