New electric Citroen for 20 euros per month

Less even a Smart, which does not require a category B driver’s license, is completely electric. Here's in front of you: Citroen Ami.

Citroen Ami is based on a concept city car introduced by the French a year ago. This is a tiny car that holds only 2 people (and carry-on luggage), a car that even 16-year-olds can successfully drive.

Ami is an electric car with a 5.5 kWh battery installed in the floor. When you charge it fully (which will take about 3 hours), you will easily travel 70 kilometers. It's a bit, but it's about a typical city car. In addition, it is difficult to count on overcoming long distances, if the maximum speed is 45 km / h. The engine has only 8 horsepower, but with a weight of less than 500 kg this is enough.

This is not fast, but enough to travel around small cities, especially since, given its dimensions, and the Citroen Ami is 30 cm shorter than the Smart ForTwo and slightly longer than the single Renault Twizzy, there will be no problems with parking or travel to narrow streets.

Citroen convinces that inside the car is convenient. This is difficult to judge from the photographs, but at least it allows us to determine that we are dealing with a panoramic roof, heating, an LCD display and a smartphone holder, which is the multimedia and informational heart of the car. This is a gadget that will provide music, navigation, etc.

Citroen Ami is inexpensive by European standards. It can be rented even cheaper than 20 euros per month (if only the user signs a contract for four years and pays an entry fee of € 3544). A regular purchase option will also appear: then prices will start from € 6,000.

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