Microlino city car will be transformed in version 2.0

    The Swiss company Micro Mobility Systems has prepared a new version of the city car Microlino. The previous Isett lightweight quadric did not meet safety standards and customer requirements. To begin with, the rear axle was expanded (for the sake of better stability), but this step entailed a redesign of the entire structure, including the interior architecture (it became "more spacious and charming"). The engine added in power and efficiency, but the base price has not changed - 12,000 euros (890 thousand rubles). Already collected 16,000 pre-orders. The start of production is scheduled for 2021

     “Microlino 2.0, as we call it internally, will be many times better than the current version. Significantly improved driving performance, ergonomics, maintainability, increased productivity, ”said Merlin Ouboter, one of the creators of the city car.
     In September 2019, Peter Muller, who previously worked at Porsche, BMW and Chery, took over as Microlino Technical Director. He is hired specifically to upgrade the model. However, the market debut of the electric car is delayed not only for this reason. The German Artega played a role. She bought the Italian company Tazzari, who took over the production of Microlino, and decided to produce a city car without the participation of the Swiss, renaming the model Karolino (later the name was changed to Karo-Isetta and Karo).

     Artega Karo will be available in Germany at prices from 17,995 euros (1.3 million rubles). Obviously, she got the old Microlino stuffing: an electric motor of 15 kW (20 hp, 110 N • m), batteries of 8 and 14.4 kW • h, providing a range of 125 and 200 km. Test drives and first deliveries are scheduled for April.
     Micro Mobility Systems sues Artega. It ended in November with a pre-trial settlement: Micro and Artega agreed that there would be enough space for two bubble cars in the market. A new partner took over the production of Microlino - the Italian family-owned company Cecomp, founded in 1978 by Giovanni Forneris. It has five production sites in Europe and is a shareholder in the Icona design company with offices in Turin, Los Angeles and Shanghai. The premiere of the new Microlino was to be held in Geneva, but the exhibition was canceled.

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