Lucid Air - a worthy competitor for Tesla

After many troubles, the American company showed the production version of its luxurious, electric sedan.

Lucid Motors is an American company that became famous in 2016 with the presentation of an original car that can forever change the focus on the electric car market. Unfortunately, due to financial problems, the entire project was in question, until the end of 2018, until Saudi Arabia invested in the company.

After getting out of the problems, finally, it's time to show the new brainchild of the company - the Air model. It should be a luxurious limousine reminiscent of the appearance of Tesla S. In contrast, it can offer more space and better equipment.

Lucid Motors is currently in the process of manufacturing special prototypes that will be used for grueling tests. If they succeed, the first official car models can go into production at the end of this year.

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