Killed Mike Hughes - a supporter of the theory of a flat Earth

An amateur engineer and a supporter of the theory of flat Earth Mike Hughes (also known as Mad Mike) was killed while trying to make a flight on a makeshift rocket. Its launch was carried out for transmission on the channel Science Channel.

With the help of his partner, Waldo Staxa Hughes tried to take off on a makeshift steam rocket and reach an altitude of 1525 m. However, the video of the incident shows that the rocket parachute opened too early, a few seconds after takeoff, which led to the accident.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said that after that the rocket "crashed in the open desert, and the pilot was found dead."

Hughes became famous after he announced his intention to prove the theory that the Earth is flat. To do this, he wanted to take off on a makeshift rocket, which sets in motion pairs, in order to see the shape of the planet himself.

In March 2019, Hughes managed to climb to a height of 570 m, after which he deployed parachutes and landed on Earth. After that, the amateur engineer planned to increase the height of his flights and wanted to triple the previous result.

Science Channel staff expressed condolences over the death of Hughes. “Our thoughts and prayers in this difficult time are now with his family and friends. Realizing this launch was his dream, and the Science Channel was there to capture his journey, ”the channel’s Twitter said.

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