Amazing discovery of astronomers - Earth currently has two moons

The Earth constantly “owns” one natural satellite, and this is the well-known Moon. It is interesting, however, that astronomers have found a second such object. It is relatively small, in size resembles an ordinary car. In addition, the "second moon" will not linger in our area for too long. After some time, it will be freed from the influence of Earth's gravity, and we will return to the “normal state”.

The discovery was reported by astronomers from Catalina Sky Survey, who discovered a second earthly moon in mid-February. However, it took them more time to confirm their discovery, which was also done. Currently, the Earth has two natural satellites, but this state of affairs will not last long.

Earth’s second moon is a small asteroid that was captured from space. This is not the first time Earth has a second moon. 14 years ago, a similar phenomenon was observed. Astronomers believe that in the past, such situations could occur more often. The second satellite will soon be freed from the influence of the Earth and fly away, and remain a piece of space debris.

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