Airbus Maverick - the plane of the future

Airbus has unveiled its new aircraft concept, which not only surprises you with its innovative design, but also guarantees lower fuel consumption.

While automakers are showing their visions of cars of the future again and again, the aviation industry is standing still. Airbus wants to break this fact by presenting to the world the concept of its latest aircraft.

The main distinguishing feature of the experimental model is its appearance. Unlike standard aircraft, the Maverick was created in the shape of one large wing. This solution is not only designed to look beautiful - the innovative design of the aircraft carries several important features.

First of all, it offers much more space inside than standard model airplanes. The new fuselage shape also changes aerodynamics, which can even lead to a 20% reduction in fuel consumption. The solution opens up new possibilities for the development of new transmissions.

Maverick was also deprived of portholes, and passengers can watch with the help of huge screens. The company has created a small flying prototype that bodes well for the future of the aviation industry.

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