A student discovered 17 new exoplanets

A student of astronomy, Michelle Kunimoto, at the University of British Columbia (Canada) discovered 17 new planets, including a potentially livable world the size of the Earth. All thanks to the analysis of data collected by the Kepler space telescope.

“This planet is thousands of light years away from us, so we won’t get there quickly. But this is really an exciting discovery, because so far only 15 small planets have been discovered in the ecosphere, obtained from the data of the Kepler space telescope, ”said Michel Kunimoto.

The planets KIC-7340288 b revolve around a star in 142.5 Earth days. It is estimated that it receives about 1/3 of the radiation that comes from the Sun to Earth. Of the remaining 16 recently discovered exoplanets, the smallest is 1/3 smaller than Earth, and some are 8 times larger than our planet.

Kunimoto has experience exploring the planets - she previously tracked four other similar objects. He is currently working on his doctoral dissertation.

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